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Bohemian Island's high quality harem pants (as well as their skirts, shorts, dresses, shirts and hot pants) are hand-stitched from 100% cotton and are the comfiest pants you'll ever put on your body!

All of their materials are sourced from a family-run factory in Thailand which has excellent working conditions and fair pay. Thailand doesn't suffer from the problem of sweatshops like some other countries and this is very important to Bohemian Island. All of their products are hand-stitched with love and it shows.

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Help support Phuket's huge stray dog population - There are an estimated 30,000 stray dogs living on Phuket who all need vaccinations, treatment and sometimes full-time care. Bohemian Island donates 10% of all their proceeds to the Soi Dog Foundation, who look after over 1,000 stray dogs and cats each month.

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