This universal melody inspired by the dream of a woman was, in 2006, the foundation for creating the graduation project of the fashion designer Natalia Gaviria, and would give life to the name of the brand that merges her Colombian roots, the sensual flavors of the Caribbean and the Dominican Republic, a place she lived for some time.

It is on this island paradise where we embark upon a journey filled with Latin charm, joy and sensuality inspired by the sun and eternal summer-loving goddesses.

All of this focused on offering a complete product, with the intervention of professionals, artisans, and people concerned with the highest quality and with providing users with an excellent experience of elegance that reflects the best beauty, style and luxury, complemented by a group of artisanal and entrepreneurial women that pass their traditions from generation to generation. We try to keep this current, performing social work so they can provide a livelihood for their families.

Cosita Linda size guide

The creation of intentional and balanced coordinated garments, filled with textures and color, provide the brand with value added products, complemented by the use of embroidery, appliqués and handmade accessories, 100% COLOMBIAN, which is our fundamental characteristic.

We highlight the creativity and talent of our people and take it to the world.

The added value of being Handmade in Colombia, makes our products more appreciated by the general public, and increases our commitment to focusing on high quality and good service, and so the most valuable resource we have, is the team of people that make up our company.

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