Fava Beans - Miso Seaweed
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Our Crunchy Roasted Fava Beans are a super healthy snack perfect for the whole family. We use the highest quality British grown fava beans roasted to a delicious, tasty and perfectly satisfying crunch.


This vegan snack is all-natural and simply sprinkled with a light coating of flavour to create the perfect healthy snack. Have them on-the-go, on top of a salad, as a pre/post-gym snack or simply whenever the mood strikes! So they are versatile, and easy to munch!

The health benefits of these wonderful little beans are endless. There is a reason the fava bean has long been a staple diet of many cultures. These amazing and clever little legumes, also known as broad beans, are high in fibre and contain 25grams of protein in a single 100-gram serving. The fava bean is rich in B vitamins and minerals like iron, magnesium, and phosphorus.  So they are a perfect source of vegan protein.

Also, they are low calorie at only 179 calories per pack! The ultimate low-calorie snack! They are also ⅓ lower in fat than nuts! All the goodness, and none of the bad stuff! This means they are the perfect natural, healthy on the go snack.

Fava Beans - Flavours