The Special Edition Liforme Love Mat, in a brand-new Liforme color. This mat features a unique embellishment of our popular AlignForMe design, setting the love-lotus at the center of your mat and the center of your practice. Designed for Yogis of all practising styles and abilities but for those looking to make things that little bit lovelier.



Liforme Love Mat - Red

  • Materials:

    Natural rubber and eco-polyurethane


    Approx. 2.5kg


    185cm long x 68cm wide


    Approx. 4.2mm


    Recyclable cardboard

    With Yoga Mat Bag included

  • Depending on what type of yoga you do and how intense your practices are, we recommend a gentle clean every 7-10 practices, as follows:


    a) Let the mat dry flat before rolling it up (no problem to roll it after class, take it home, then unroll to dry!)

    b) Clean with just a tiny drop of dish soap liquid in water, using a soft non-abrasive sponge which is dampened and not soaking wet.

    c) Leave to dry flat. Please try to avoid drying the mat in direct sunlight as the mat is biodegradable and therefore photo-sensitive.


    If you are practicing hot yoga, heat and the extra sweat (which is laden with salt, of course!) will degrade any mat at a faster rate so we would advise you to clean your mat more regularly/after every practice.


    Ultimately, it depends on just how much sweat goes into the mat, and every user will have different requirements for cleaning. If you are cleaning really regularly, do ensure you only use a very mild cleaning agent and a soft sponge as per above. We would also advise to keep your Liforme mat at room temperature, rather than in a heated environment.

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