Taking Care of Workout Leggings

If you want your workout leggings and other apparel to last, there are some tips to keep in mind when washing your clothes.
Let clothes breathe before washing. With yoga apparel Dubai residents that let their gym clothes air out get better results when it comes to laundry time. A little presoak in vinegar can also help with foul-smelling clothes. Mix a cup of vinegar with cold water and soak for an hour before washing. This can remove odors and break down any buildup and sweat stains.
For yoga apparel Dubai residents should wash in cold water. Extreme heat can break down the elasticity of your stretchy fabrics, like your yoga pants, and lead to shrinkage. It can also shorten the lifespan of your clothes. It’s best not to dry your workout leggings. Just like hot water can be damaging, so can the heat from the dryer. Consider air drying or using the lowest possible heat setting.
It’s best to stay away from fabric softener. While you may think this can help eliminate odors, it can actually be counterproductive. It damages stretchy fabrics and creates a coating on the clothes that traps the smells in. If you wash your clothes inside out, it can help safeguard the colors and give your active wear a deeper clean in the washer.
If you really want to protect any workout gear then try a detergent that is specially formulated for sportswear. This type of detergent is formulated with different natural odor fighters to clean workout clothes and synthetic fabrics. It also attacks the bacteria that can grow on gym clothes and removes the source of any bad odors. Whether or not you are using sports formulated detergent, don’t use extra detergent. Too much soap can make it hard for your washing machine to rinse out your clothes and soap buildup is actually a magnet for sweat buildup.

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