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Our first post - why not make it about us!

Welcome to our newly launched Fit ME Active Blog!

This idea has been brewing in our minds for a while now, and finally we are putting pen to paper...or hands to keyboard might be more appropriate in this instance. Our aim is to use this platform to bring all of our customers and followers informative and engaging articles on all things fitness and yoga related - with the focus centring around our Fit ME Active brands, the studios and gyms around us, and the amazing people who dedicate their lives to this industry.

We figured the ideal way to kick off this ambitious plan would be with an in depth Q&A with the people behind Fit ME Active…and what makes them tick.

Hopefully, this slightly complicated “self-interview” style blog post can answer some of the questions that may be on your mind. Enjoy!

What made you start Fit ME Active?

We started off with just one yoga apparel brand, Ohsosom from Singapore, where we had a personal connection with the owner. The response and feedback we received from our customers was so positive and overwhelming that it was obvious what we had to do next. We needed to ride this wave and add more complimenting brands to our collection, ultimately leading to the creation of the Fit ME Active you see in front of you today. A store which offers customers and fitness enthusiasts of the UAE and the GCC the best and most unique brands in the yoga, fitness and swimwear sectors from around the world. It has been an exciting journey so far, and we look forward to travelling this path for many years to come.

How many brands does Fit ME Active represent at the moment?

In just a few short months we have grown from having just the one brand to now representing 11 fantastic and very varied brands. Everything from fitness apparel, yoga mats and accessories, beach towels and our most recent addition – an amazing bikini brand from LA, California.

How do you find these amazing brands?

Quite simple really, Google :) We try our best to search every corner of the globe (with the help of the Internet, social media and customer recommendations) to find new and unique brands to bring to our desert shores.

We make sure that every brand we represent has at least one unique selling factor, such as handmade designs, unique material selection, charitable credentials or product customisation…just to name a few.

We are also proud to highlight that most of the brands we do represent work with us on an exclusive basis for this region.

Where can customers find your products?

Good question. At the moment our brands can be found in a handful of select yoga and pilates studios, Inspire, Piloga and Yoga House just to name a few. (You can find the full listing on the “Where to Buy” tab of our website). Our online store is due to launch before the end of this month, where you will be able to buy all of our brands and products with just a few clicks. We plan to run a number of promotions through our site, so it’s always a good idea to check in from time to time.

We are also in talks with a large sports retail chain here in the GCC to stock a couple of our brands and we are very excited about this partnership!

How can we get in touch with you?

We always welcome communication from potential customers or anyone wanting to find our more. You can contact us through the Fit ME Active website, Facebook or Instagram and we will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

What can we expect from this Blog going forward?

There is a lot more to come! Not only will we be bringing you exclusive interviews with the people behind the brands we represent, but we plan on bringing you content from all sides of the business – and the industry/lifestyle in general. This will include interviews with studio owners, instructors, our ambassadors, industry leaders, healthy hotspots and everything in between. We want to connect our followers with the people behind the brands, behind the logos, and create a real sense of community.

Tell us about your ambassadors?

Firstly, we love each and every one of our ambassadors, they are all amazing!

There is no set method as to how we find our ambassadors, but it seems as though we have started to build an incredible group of talented and dedicated people to help take our brands to the next level in this region. Each one of our ambassadors has something unique and special to offer, and we only hope that we can keep adding to this family with more of the same. Please go check them out on the "Ambassadors" page and follow them on the Instagram links provided!

#fitmegiving, please explain?

It would be our pleasure! Basically, the more and more we immersed ourselves into the fitness and yoga lifestyle, we came to realise that a lot of the brands and companies we interacted with had their own form of charity or giving back to the community. This could either be through direct charitable donations, eco-friendly manufacturing and materials, or working with charity organisations...just to name a few examples.

We wanted to do our part to give back and thus started the search for organisations which we were passionate about and wanted to support. We knew we wanted to support something to do with wildlife and the amazing creatures on this planet. After a lot of late nights researching and 'studying', we finally found two species of parrot (coincidentally) that caught our attention – the Black Cockatoo and the Kakapo. These rare birds and their organisations will receive 5% of all sales through our website, regardless of the brand or product purchased.

Again, please check out the necessary page on this site to find out more and please visit their websites to see what else you can do to help.

What are the plans for the future? What new brands can we expect?

Of course we want to keep adding to our line up with more unique and amazing brands, but we also want to stick to our guidelines outlined above when it comes to choosing these brands to partner with.

We can’t wait for Greenlee Swim (our LA bikini brand) to officially launch here, with their beautiful styles and use of recycled fibres – they are sure to be a hit!

We would really like to add more swimwear and bikini brands to our collection, as well as an awesome men’s swim trunks brand – if we can find one matching our credentials.

Our dream would be to open our own flagship store and hopefully it doesn’t take too long for us to accomplish this dream.

Watch this space!

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